Nevertheless, boosting creation came with difficulties, thinking of the boundaries impacting the import of materials essential for that production of masks.

Speaking over the troubles, Zhan Wenfeng, a customs officer in Fuzhou, stated “the import-oriented corporations cannot import commodities now, the orders for export-oriented enterprises are actually cancelled mainly because of the pandemic.”

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A report printed in July one aspects how DaddyBaby, which specialises in maternal and infant merchandise; E&D Group Corp, an attire company, and Zhongjing Petrochemical contributed toward increasing China’s capacity to export masks.

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Although DaddyBaby and and E&D Group Corp converted their facilities to converting the raw supplies into masks, Zhongjing Petrochemical specialised in the production of “melt-blown material, a key component for masks, to fill a source shortage”.

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In a four-minute video titled “Behind the Masks”, the providers and individuals shared their experiences on forming “a complete offer chain for making masks, despite encountering challenges such as resource and devices shortages and tight deadlines”.

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